EPTa projects was founded in 2016 by Simone DePol and Daniele Signoretta with the main business purpose of providing a ‘turnkey’ service in the field of engine and powertrain design. The owners combined twenty years of experience in many other areas of design and simulation such as the automotive, aerospace and mechanical industry and the perfect fit around which expanding the organization capabilities in all these fields of engineering. production.

With this goal in mind, the organization expanded straightaway after its constitution through the acquisition of the powertrain business of LDP Aerospace srl owned by Simone DePol which included eight employees and General Motors Powertrain Europe as the main customer. During the last quarter of 2016 the organization completed the acquisition of Signo Engineering srl owned by Daniele Signoretta with two employees and customers in the tooling sector. At the end of 2016 LDP Grp Limited owned by Simone DePol was renamed EPTA Projects UK Limited and became de facto a sister company under the same brand driven by DePol & Signoretta. This commercial merge expanded the business internationally by including the UK employees and customers in the automotive and military industry.


"When you have a creative business and ideas generated from people working together, I think you can work happier together." Diane Nelson