The goal of projects ranges from powertrain integration and calibration are to develop a complete vehicle in collaboration with our partners. We drive the tasks with fully responsibility and monitoring of quality, cost, release process and managing, including supplier handling. High skilled specialists as well high maturity level on reliability systems and vehicles engineering.


Looking to the future...


The electrification of the powertrain is one of the key factors for next fuel saving strategies. Based on a multiple of internal research EPTa projects is a skilled partner for the development of hybrid and electric vehicles. Our competence ranges from powertrain layout, design, integration.




  • Body , moving parts and  external trims
  • Interiors dashboard,  interior trim and seats
  • Chassis suspensions and  braking system
  • Engine System cooling system and  power supply
  • Vehicle Integration bodywork and mechanics packaging
  • Gearshifts and clutch


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