EPTa Projects offered F1 service and Twin championship for two wheels on mechanical design:


  • Powertrain


  •   Ducati Twin European championship
  •   Cylinder Head machining improvement
  •   Cylinder Block machining improvement
  •   Piston 
  •   Conn-rod
  •   Special Brackets for racing application


  • Body and chassis 


  •   Steering system, suspension system, FIA test tool     
  •   Aerodynamics composite Front Wing, Rear Wing & Brake Duct
  •   Body composite Internal Bonnet, external COKE
  •   Structural Composite à Suspension system ( RWB, FWB, PULL-ROD, TRACKROD)


 All composite design is related with PLY 3D structure and PLY-BOOK Description.


"Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can." Arthur Ashe